Tom Cornelissen

Tom Cornelissen is a true jack of all trades. He’s a great photographer and performer, writer and an entertainer. He flies drones, surprises you with his casually thrown in card magic and has a talent to make people laugh. I helped Tom to portray his portfolio online.

Color palette





Montserrat various styles

Web design

It was a challenge to design a website that would be as versatile as Tom's character. His portfolio had to be a little different from the rest; it should look and feel like the creative individual Tom is. It had to be inspiring! Yet it needed to be easily adaptable to the services Tom provides. These services could be changing over time, since he's always on the lookout for new ideas to make his own.


Bold, stylish and modern

Browser screen
Mobile screen
Mobile screen

I delivered a complete product. After designing Tom's identity and portfolio I brought my designs to life in code. Smooth and slick animation was key to making the designs pop.

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