Tip Coaching

Annemiek Franse, founder of Tip Coaching, is an entrepeneur that coaches people in their jobs, helping them grow in this profession. Annemiek asked me to create a corporate identity for her business. The main focus was about communicating the company’s key elements: talent, inspiration and passion (tip).

Color palette






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Web design

Like the logo, the website had to be a reflection of Annemiek's character. It should tell her story in a way it feels like Annemiek was telling it to you herself, with the same positive energy she brings with her. The story however, isn't meant to be told in a chronological order. The user chooses the information to be told. Every webpage links to one another in a storytelling manner, to keep the information flowing. There are no dead ends.


Communicating the services

Annemiek divides her activities in three categories; individual coaching, team coaching and parental coaching. Each category contains several services. We thought, however, this way the services would be too hard to find for an outsider. A user must invest time in discovering every service, and what the services can mean for himself personally.

So we gave the user an additional and faster way of discovering all services as a whole, by asking him a question: what do you struggle with? What follows is a list of the most frequently occuring issues Annemiek comes across in her profession, written as a first person problem (e.g.: "The collaboration between me and my collegue doesn't run smoothly"). Every issue leads directly to the service that could bring a solution to the problem (e.g.: Duo coaching).


Personal and warm yet professional

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